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Video: What exactly is a thermal oxidizer and how does it work?

Our latest video breaks down this technology and explains how this device achieves safer facility emissions across various industries.

How Air Pollution Equipment Optimizes Production

Our cover article for the February 2018 issue of Process Heating magazine discusses how overall operations are improved when entire plant operation is considered, rather than sub-optimizing choices around pollution-control equipment.

Five Facts About NH3 Plus How to Control Ammonia From Your Process

Five facts about ammonia including how to control its exhaust in an industrial process

What is the Difference Between an Electric Oxidizer and a Thermal Oxidizer?

An electric catalytic oxidizer could be a solution that proves to be more energy-efficient than a thermal oxidizer, depending on the application in which it's used.

These 4 Events Could break Next Year's OP Budget

Post that discusses how four common operation changes can possibly disrupt your air pollution control operation and what to do to avoid the risks

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