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4 Reasons To Rent Air Pollution Control Equipment

1. No Large Capital Investment Required

Many companies have reduced their budgets and are currently delaying large capital purchases to provide financial flexibility. Renting offers a lower-cost option that allows your facility to achieve air pollution control objectives and keep you compliant with regulations.

2. One Rental Unit, Multiple Locations

Have multiple sites with air pollution control issues? The right piece of rental equipment may be all you need. Our portable units are easy to move and their versatile components can be quickly reconfigured and resized to accommodate each facility.

3. Rental Units Work Independently From Your Process

Our rentals are fully automated and have integrated control packages so that they operate without any intrusive integration to your process equipment.

4. Flexible Rental Duration

Rental oxidizers can be leased for any duration. Unsure of your time period? Lease for 30 days and easily renew month-to-month for uninterrupted operation.


Pollution Systems evaluates your complete process conditions, compliance requirements and operational objectives to determine if one of our rental units suits your operation. Contact us to find out if renting a portable thermal oxidizer is right for you.

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