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Flexible Packaging

Printed Flexible Packaging for cheese

Applying coatings to Flexible Packaging, such as potato chip bags, shopping bags and clear wrappers, requires processing to make sure the graphics are applied and dried correctly. Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are released during both the application and the drying processes, and they must be removed prior to discharge to the atmosphere. Pollution Systems offers a full line of Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers with System Automation that can eliminate these regulated waste components.


Printed Flexible Packaging for cheese




Air Control Systems for Flexible Packaging


  • Thermal Oxidizers use a combination of heat and time to treat the VOCs from the exhaust stream, and can achieve destruction rates in excess of 99%.




  • Catalytic Oxidizers are used with low, stable VOC concentrations, and are an alternative option for waste gas treatment.


Thermal Oxidizer Systems Tailored to Your Unique Flexible Packaging Process

Pollution Systems can engineer a tailored solution to provide you with a Thermal Oxidizer, Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer, or a Catalytic Oxidizer for your Flexible Packaging application. Our expert staff has the skills and experience to design an efficient, cost-effective system.


Buying equipment from Pollution Systems is only the beginning, not the end.  We design and build the systems and provide technical support throughout the life of the equipment. We also offer short, medium and long-term Rentals of our Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers and Wet Scrubbers for industrial processing during the installation of new equipment, for extra waste processing during remediation, or for running pilot studies prior to purchase.


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