Pollution Control Rentals

Our growing technical services department continues to expand its capabilities and is now officially its own division. PolSys Services is our exclusive dedication to providing rental air pollution control systems, including both rental oxidizers and scrubbers. Contact PolSys Services at 713-999-1100 or at www.polsys.com for rental system inquiries and for more information on this company division.

PolSys Services offers both oxidizer system rentals as well as rental scrubber systems. Our rental equipment is designed to support a wide range of process variations. Systems are trailer or skid mounted  for ease of mobility. Rental oxidizers offer either natural gas or propane burner and gas train arrangements for maximum flexibility.   Additionally, our rental oxidizers and rental scrubbers are designed with fully automated and integrated control packages, to operate completely independent of your process.

Rental Oxidizers are available to support continuing operations in a variety of situations.  Common situations where a rental oxidizer may be appropriate include:

  • Emergency operating situations to supplement or replace existing air pollution control equipment.
  • Planned short term needs such as maintenance or replacement of existing air pollution equipment.
  • Medium term requirements to treat a defined amount of waste materials as might be found in remediation applications.
  • Pilot trials to assess the effectiveness of oxidation as a long term solution.

We offer a high VOC trailer mounted thermal oxidizer, Model CEF-5, for more concentrated discharge streams. We also offer a Multi-Vane Venturi Scrubber, Model # MVS - 2.2  

Our technical group will quickly assess your application and assess the suitability of our rental equipment to meet your needs.  As the equipment is either trailer or skid mounted, the equipment can be available on-site quickly with reasonable shipping cost.  Once the rental oxidizer or rental scrubber is on-site and set-up, our field engineers are typically able to commission and start-up the equipment with a one day site visit.

PolSys Services works closely with our customers and strives to truly understand their often complex or unusual processes. This allows us to provide the most effective, cost considerate and comprehensive solutions available.


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