Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizer Rentals for Industrial Applications

Pollution Systems has a line of Thermal Oxidizer rentals called Portable Thermal Oxidizers. These units are trailer-mounted for ease of mobility. We have a large Catalytic Oxidizer rental that is skid-mounted, and we offer Wet Scrubber system rentals as well. Our rental oxidizers can have natural gas or propane burners and gas train arrangements  for maximum flexibility.   Additionally, our rental oxidizers and rental scrubbers are designed with fully automated and integrated control packages to operate independently of your process. Typical Industries that use rental oxidizers for specific periods of time include Tank Degassing, Pipeline Degassing, and Chemical Processing.


Mobile Thermal and Catalytic Oxidizers Currently Available For Rental


 1. Rental Oxidizer CEF-5
Rental Oxidizer CEF-5 hooked up at site




           Rental Oxidizer CEF-5 at site





                                                                                                                                                (click photo to enlarge)


Could this CEF-5 Thermal Oxidizer be a suitable system to address your problem? Request the specs on this system by clicking the link below:

          •  CEF-5 Cut Sheet


 2. Rental Catalytic Oxidizer RCO-8.5 
Skid-Mounted Catalytic Oxidizer RCO-8.5 Rental Unit




          Skid-Mounted Catalytic Oxidizer RCO-8.5  





                                                                                                                                            (click photo to enlarge)


If you want to find out if  our Catalytic Oxidizer RCO-8.5  is the best rental option for your application, you can  request the specs on this system by clicking the link below:

          •  RCO-8.5 Cut Sheet


Why You Could Need A Rental 

Rental oxidizers and scrubbers can support continuing operations in a variety of situations.  Common situa-tions where an oxidizer or scrubber rental may be appropriate include:


  • Planned short-term needs such replacement of existing air pollution equipment.
  • For medium-term requirements to treat additional waste materials in Remediation applications.
  • Pilot trials to assess the effectiveness of oxidation or particulate/gas removal as a long-term solution.


Our technical group will quickly assess your application and assess the suitability of our rental equipment to meet your needs.  As the equipment is either trailer or skid mounted, the equipment can be transported quickly to your facility with reasonable shipping costs.  Once the rental oxidizer or rental scrubber is on-site and set up, then the commissioning and start-up of the equipment can typically be done within a one day site visit.



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