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Technical Services

New System Commissioning 

Proper start-up and commissioning of air pollution control equipment are critical components of long-term performance and reliability of the system. Improper commissioning can be a main source of premature system failures. Pollution Systems' project managers lead the design and fabrication of the units along with their Control Panels and System Automation programming. Once fabrication and programming is complete, our dedicated services group - PolSys Services - ensures commissioning is done right the first time. Between our two divisions, customers can be assured that their equipment has been properly commissioned and meets the design and automation standards for efficient operation

Buying equipment from Pollution Systems is just the beginning of our customer relationship. Not only do we design and build the systems using high-quality materials and components, but we also provide technical support throughout the lifetime of all of our units.


Project Manager at Site        Testing Equipment during Commissioning



Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Repair and Overhaul

Aftermarket Services

Through our partnership with PolSys Services, we are able to provide total service solutions for your air pollution control equipment.  We offer a full suite of maintenance and repair services for any needs you may have on our equipment as well as any equipment provided by another manufacturer.



 Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer Repair and Overhaul




PolSys' consultation and technical services include:


     •  System Evaluation & Solution Recommendations                                  •  Repair Services   

     •  Industrial Automation & Controls (NEW!)                                                 •  Inspection Services

     •  RTO Ceramic Media Replacement                                                             •  Service Agreements


Contact PolSys Services at 713-999-1100 or at www.polsys.com for technical service inquiries and more information on this company division.


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