Animal Feed Pollution Systems

Animal feed processors need to control both dust and odor pollution resulting from their manufacturing processes. During the grinding and drying process, dust particles can be introduced into the exhaust stream. In addition, the odors generated during processing need to be neutralized. Pollution Systems offers solutions to remove the odor and any particulate from the exhaust stream. To read our case study on odor control, click here.

Animal Feed Industry Pollution Control Systems

  • Recuperative Oxidizers use combustion to neutralize odors in exhaust that contains a high level of particulates or Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). They provide low maintenance, energy-efficient odor control, with over 99% destruction rates.
  • Particulate/Venturi Scrubbers are effective for removing dust and other particulates that are generated during processing or drying of the animal feed. The particulate is entrained in liquid droplets, which are then separated from the gas stream, removing them from the exhaust. With collection efficiencies in excess of 99%, a clean exhaust stream is released into the atmosphere.
  • Heat Recovery Systems can be integrated with Pollution Systems’ thermal oxidizers to lower operating costs for animal feed processing operations. Heat exchangers use heated air exhaust to preheat the air for dryers and the oxidizer, substantially reducing energy costs for running the equipment.

We provide full support services for our products, including maintenance and repair services. Our repair and maintenance services are available 24/7 and can be scheduled to minimize operational downtime. Pollution Systems also offers rentals of our thermal oxidizers for emergency use, planned equipment outages or new treatment requirements.

Our engineering staff will work closely with you to design an energy-efficient, reliable and long-lasting emissions control system for your feed processing applications. Our expert staff has designed, manufactured and installed oxidizers and scrubbers for feed processing plants and has the skills and experience to design an efficient, cost-effective solution for your application.

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