Catalytic Oxidizer Solves Manufacturer's Local Odor Control Issue - Case Study

Pollution System's Catalytic Oxidizer successfully destroys low VOC emissions and minimizes odors while addressing spatial concerns at the manufacturing site.

Case Study Illustrates How Pollution Systems is Able to Help the Sterilization Industry

Recent reports regarding ethylene oxide (ETO) have highlighted the importance for contract sterilizers to ensure their facility, personnel and their larger community are as safe as possible. Pollution Systems is able to offer their expertise in this industry, as demonstrated by this case study.

How COVID-19 Illustrates the Need for Industries to Install or Upgrade Their Air Pollution Control Equipment

The intensified effects of COVID-19 on people who are exposed to highly-polluted air in their communities really stress the need for industries to install or upgrade their air pollution control equipment to reduce their toxic air emissions and protect people from harm.

Four Reasons Why Renting Air Pollution Control Equipment Could be the Best Option

Rental oxidizers can solve your emission issues without any long-term commitment. Below are four reasons why renting air pollution control equipment could be the best option for you right now.

We Are Here For You During This COVID-19 Pandemic and Beyond

Statement by Pollution Systems addressing the COVID-19 Pandemic

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