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Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Reduces Fuel Costs at an LFG Facility While Destroying VOCs

Pollution Systems' Recuperative Thermal Oxidizer Model # TO-5 RHE System significantly reduced the fuel costs for an LFG facility

Enclosed Flare Abates Variable Waste Acid Gas Exhaust For NM Amine Facility

Pollution Systems' case study on how a Midstream Gas Processing Company needed an air pollution control system to intermittently treat waste acid gas exhaust during plant shutdowns at an Amine Facility in New Mexico.

Horizontal Enclosed Flare Abates Hydrocarbons at Recycling Facility

A Horizontal Enclosed Flare Successfully Abates Hydrocarbons from nine (9) reactor waste streams at a Recycling Facility.

Catalytic Oxidizer Solves Local Odor Control Issue

Pollution System's Catalytic Oxidizer successfully destroys low VOC emissions and minimizes odors while addressing spatial concerns at the manufacturing site.

How Pollution Systems Helps EtO Sterilizers

Recent reports regarding ethylene oxide (ETO) have highlighted the importance for contract sterilizers to ensure their facility, personnel and their larger community are as safe as possible. Pollution Systems is able to offer their expertise in this industry, as demonstrated by this case study.

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