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What is a Multi-Vane (MVS) Particulate Scrubber?

A Multi-Vane Scrubber is a high-effciency wet particulate scrubber that operates on the same principles as a Venturi Scrubber; however, the size and capability of a Multi-Vane Scrubber system puts it in a whole new category.  This innovative Multi-Vane design offers higher removal efficiencies using less energy and a smaller footprint compared to standard Venturi Scrubbers.


MVS Scrubber for PM 2.5 Abatement -Food Industry   MVS Scrubber for PM 2.5 Abatement at Food Processing Plant-detail view

An MVS Scrubber forces dirty exhaust air through multiple vanes. These vanes act as if there were multiple Venturi Scrubber throats which are engineered for specific particulate removal efficiencies as a function of particle size and pressure drop.


Lower Energy, High Reliability

Pollution Systems' MVS Scrubbers are guaranteed to meet removal requirements with lower energy and higher reliability than many other air pollution control options, as there are few  moving parts - a fan and a recirculating pump. The high water/air velocities and cyclonic action within the scrubbers resist fouling, making these systems inherently self-cleaning and simple to maintain. Pollution Systems' System Automation Controls Package allows the MVS to start-up and operate at the touch of a button and perform with minimal operator interaction. Pollution Systems'  MVS system is engineered to remove particulate (such as PM 2.5) at your permitted levels or in excess of 99% from the full flow of a collection system.


How Does a Multi-Vane Scrubber Work?

High-velocity, dirty particle-laden air enters into the scrubber's Multi-Vane chamber at the same time that recycled scrubbing fluid is injected from the sump. The impact of the air with water shears the scrubbing fluid into tiny droplets, forming a fine mist cloud of water with entrained particulate. The mist cloud exits the chamber and is subjected to intense cyclonic action downstream. This cyclonic action, along with agglomeration and gravity, effectively separates the dirty droplets from the particle-free airstream. The dirty droplets gather near the scrubber walls and then are pulled by gravity into the integral sump, where a portion is discharged and the rest is mixed with clean water and recycled. A system fan pulls the clean air out through the stack.


The Illustration shown below represents a typical Multi-Vane Scrubber system. 


 How a MVS Scrubber works illustration for PM treatment


Multi-Vane Scrubber Applications

Pollution Systems’ Multi-Vane Scrubbers maintain consistent, high on-stream performance and are ideal for exhaust streams that contain moisture or sticky particulate.  Some of the more common industrial applications of MVS Scrubbers include Food Processing, Chemical ProcessingContruction Materials Manufacturing, Ceramics, Printing and Engraving, Military-Munitions, Product Testing,  and Mining/Mineral Processing.  MVS Scrubbers have also been effective in some smoke removal applications.


If you would like to request a cut sheet for our large Multi-Vane MVS-41 Scrubber, please click the appropriate link below:



Our Multi-Vane Scrubber Case Study can provide additional insights on how an MVS System applies to food process applications.


MVS Scrubber Systems Engineered to Fit Your Exact Industrial Application

Pollution Systems is a leading air control equipment manufacturer specializing in MVS Scrubbers and other APC systems.   Our experienced Engineering Design team is focused on developing intelligent solutions to fit your application and reach or exceed the target destruction rate for your process pollutants. Contact us for more information on Multi-Vane Scrubber systems and to see if one would be the appropriate type of air control technology for your process.


Particulate Scrubber Repairs

If you require assistance with an existing Particulate Scrubber, our dedicated technical services division PolSys Services can assist you in repairing or retrofitting the make and model of any Particulate Scrubber system.

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