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Air Pollution Control Systems

An effective air pollution control system is essential in today's industrial landscape because of tightening compliance standards, increased enforcement, and heightened community pressure. As a responsible organization, you are obligated to keep your facility in compliance with current regulations and continuously seek opportunities to reduce your environmental impact. We at Pollution Systems understand that you are faced with overwhelming options for meeting your compliance and air pollution reduction needs. Pollution Systems can help you sort through these options to find the solution that is right for your organization.

You need a partner with an in-depth understanding of current environmental issues and technologies and someone who has broad industry experience and extensive technical knowledge of emission control solutions. As your partner, our knowledge and experience enable us to develop a comprehensive solution to ensure you are able to meet your air emission goals.


Air Pollution Control Equipment For Your Needs

When it comes to air pollution control systems, there is no such thing as one size fits all.  Pollution Systems can assess your process conditions and compliance requirements to help you meet or exceed your emission control objectives. Based on these assessments, we provide recommendations that will minimize your overall operating costs, while maximizing your productivity and efficiency.

Pollution Systems designs and manufactures air emission control systems specific to your unique operating needs. Every system includes a customized  automated controls package which optimizes the system's ease of operation, productivity, safety and efficiency. Contact our experienced engineers to discuss your unique situation and to begin developing the solution that is right for you.


Compare Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTO) vs Catalytic Thermal Oxidizers (Catox)

Compare RTO (Regenerative) vs Recuperative Thermal Oxidizers

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