Gas Scrubbers & Chemical Scrubbers


Gas Scrubber

Pollution Systems designs and builds  Chemical Scrubbers  (also known as Gas Scrubbers)  that are efficiently and effectively designed to remove gas pollutants. Often these pollutants are chemicals such as ammonia, chlorine or sulfur compounds.

These High-Efficiency Chemical or Gas Scrubbers work by dissolving or absorbing the pollutant into a scrubbing liquid. The scrubbing liquid used will depend on the properties of the targeted chemical or pollutant. Typically, scrubbing liquids are an acid, a base or sodium hypochlorite.  Common examples of such include caustic, sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. Pollution Systems' Gas Scrubber systems incorporate high-quality design and construction for long-term, continuous operation while minimizing the equipment maintenance needed.

High-efficiency removal of many gas pollutants is common in many applications. Chemical/Gas Scrubber selection will depend on the operating process characteristics and the particular pollutant(s) that is being removed. Pollution Systems works closely with each of our customers to determine the appropriate technology to use depending on their process and the application. You can find more information on our Chemical/Gas Scrubbers below:

       * CS-17 Chemical scrubber cut sheet.


Gas Scrubber Design Considerations

Important design considerations for your Chemical/Gas Scrubber include:

  • Pollutant Targeted
  • Removal Efficiency
  • Process Conditions (i.e. flow rate, temperature, concentration)

Effective Gas Scrubber removal efficiency is achieved by ensuring the appropriate contact time between the gas and the scrubbing liquid occurs. These systems incorporate a scrubbing vessel with a system fan, recycle pump, instrumentation and controls, mist eliminator, and exhaust stack. Packed Bed Chemical/Gas Scrubbers include random packing to facilitate gas to liquid contact. Exhaust gas enters the scrubber where it contacts the scrubbing fluid. The fluid captures the pollutant and is collected for discharge or is treated for reuse.

Some of the more common industrial applications include Chemical Processes, Metal Finishing Processes, Semi-conductor Manufacturing and many other industrial operations generating fumes and gases.

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