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Automated System Controls Packages for Industrial Air Control Equipment

While a well-designed air control system with manual controls may seem to perform satisfactorily in the short term, a system with automated controls and innovative programming can take your emission control, plant safety, and productivity to a whole new level. Unlike many other air pollution control manufacturers, we provide robust, fully automated control systems as a powerful standard component of with all of our Thermal Oxidizers, Catalytic OxidizersEnclosed Flares, and Wet Scrubbers


One of three Pollution Systems' Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers (RTOs) for VOC Abatement -Petrochemical industry.

A Pollution Systems Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO) and its control panel with weather shield. Our integrated control systems are specifically designed to help operators safely and effectively start, stop, operate, and troubleshoot the equipment with ease.


Benefits of Automated Controls

Modern, automated controls and programming provide several standard benefits for all systems:


  • Optimization of a system's functionality, reliability, and uptime, leading to higher operational productivity
  • Better alarm handling and identification of the problem's source allows for intervention or quick repair if needed 
  • Simplifies system operation and minimizes operator interface (remote monitoring options available)
  • Increases safety for operators, employees and the community at large
  • Provides robust process feedback and data for better visibility and decision-making
  • Can be used to verify compliance with air permits (e.g., temperature recording, pH recording, etc.)


Direct-Fired Thermal Oxidizer Control Panel     Interior of Pollution Systems Comprehensive Control Panel     

Although each component plays a critical role in properly functioning air pollution control systems, one of the most important (and often overlooked) parts is the system's "brain", or automated controls panel. 


Comprehensive, Customized Automated Controls Packages 

Our automated control packages are customizable according to each of our customer's needs. Components and programming depend on a customer's system type, process application, regulatory requirements, and budget.  Each control panel can include controls for:


  • Fan and Pump
  • Industrial Burner or Electric Heater                 
  • Odor Control
  • Temperature Control
  • Motor Control
  • Fan Control
  • Dust Control
  • Power Start-up/Shutdown


Controls Display Panel Protected by Enclosure

Enclosed Display Panel: Every system features a control panel with a display monitor housed inside a protective enclosure attached to the panel door or on top of the panel body.


How Our Oxidizer, Enclosed Flare, and Scrubber Control Systems Give Your Facility a Competitive Advantage

Pollution Systems' integrated control systems allow customers to be more competitive in a variety of ways:


  • Improved Communication between operating systems which increases the air control unit's performance and efficiency. For example, adaptive poppet valve cycle timing to self-correct thermal imbalances between towers and adjust to maintain (and sometimes exceed) the desired TTE (temperature transfer efficiency) to an RTO system.
  • Increased Flexibility - For example, less prep time is required for partial or complete shutdowns due to weather or other emergencies. In the case of multiple systems working in tangent, controls allow for bypass of a unit for repairs or maintenance so that production can continue uninterrupted.
  • Optimized Fuel Usage which can save fuel costs.
  • Reduced Energy Consumption - Our oxidizer and scrubber controls incorporate a VFD (variable frequency drive) to adjust fan speed to move only the amount of air needed.
  • Recording of System Process Parameters which prove consistent VOC/HAP destruction and demonstrate compliance with permits or mandates.
  • Robust Data Collection provides important information to improve overall plant efficiency.
  • Telemetry Option - Ability for the control panel to communicate with a main DCS (Distributed Control System) as well as a remote system.
  • Improved pH Monitoring (Scrubbers) - Control systems on our scrubbers are designed to continually monitor pH and automatically add reagent to attain the correct pH as it is consumed.
  • Automated Blow-down (Scrubbers) - Chemical, MVS, and Venturi scrubber control systems can monitor solids build-up using conductivity analyzers.


Our service division, PolSys Services, published an informative article in Process Heating highlighting the advantages of modern, automated controls. It also features a photo of one of three Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers Pollution Systems recently built for a manufacturing facility. See below:



The following Controls Case Study by PolSys Services includes more information on how modern controls can make a huge difference in system operation:



Programming and Construction

Pollution System's Automated Controls Packages are all designed and programmed by our electrical engineering department. Programming includes:


  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controls) Programming
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) Programming
  • Operator Interface Programming
  • Process Controller Programming
  • Telemetry (Optional)


Common PLC Platforms used in our Controls package include:


  • Allen Bradley
  • Siemens
  • Modicon
  • GE-Fanuc


The control panels themselves are constructed with the highest quality components and meet the latest NEC/UL508a standards. A weather shield or hood can be added to protect the system's control panel from the elements when an air control system is installed outdoors.


Control Panel Display -overview of communication between various system components

The Control System design for our air control equipment reduces auxiliary fuel consumption, and the included safety interlocks will safely shut down the system in case of an upset. 



Contact our Technical Team to learn more about the many benefits of our automated controls packages. Our engineers will carefully assess your application and tailor a robust set of system controls to adhere to your requirements and preferences.


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