Enclosed Flares & Thermal Oxidizer Flares

An Enclosed Flare is a Thermal Oxidizer specially configured to handle high VOC streams. The Enclosed Flare is typically designed to accommodate the high energy process discharge stream with excess air for combustion. The heat value of the process stream is significant and can potentially be able to provide most of the necessary temperature / energy for destruction with minimal additional primary fuel.

Benefits of Enclosed Flares

  • No visible flame compared to traditional flares
  • Typical destruction efficiency in excess of 99%
  • Measurable results on VOC destruction

Pollution Systems’ designs allow efficient use of fuel to provide acceptable operating costs. Engineering and component selection is also conducive to long-term, highly reliable operation. Our applications engineers work closely with customers to understand their application and develop the most appropriate solution to meet their needs. Typical applications include Remediation, Oil and Gas, and Municipal.


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